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Tax and Business

At Smallwood Legal, we apply our tax law knowledge and experience to a broad range of tax-related issues that affect businesses and individuals every day.

In addition to corporate and individual tax planning, we address estate planning, real estate investment and development, business mergers and acquisitions, and a host of other topics from a tax-informed perspective. The result is satisfied clients who appreciate our work and refer us to their friends and colleagues.

We work directly with individuals and businesses. We also provide specialized tax law advice to other attorneys, accountants and their clients. Many professionals know that we increase the value of the advisory services they offer clients while protecting them from professional malpractice claims and IRS penalties.

Whenever we work with another professional: we include a non-compete agreement to protect the professional's client base, and a tax opinion, which protects our professional partner from the risks of tax malpractice and IRS penalties based on the application of our advice.

Get the advice and guidance of an experienced lawyer in complicated business, tax and law matters. Contact a tax planning attorney at Smallwood Legal today.